The Forensic Systems Group for forensic, investigative, security and litigation support applications...

ForenSys The Forensic Systems Group is the trade name of the consultancy of Stephen Markson.

Forensys The Forensic Systems Group provides customized systems and consulting services for data management, analysis, visualization, presentation and systems security in forensic, investigative and litigation support applications. My systems increase the productivity of forensic accountants, investigators and lawyers and allow them to close files sooner, with less effort, with less administrative expense and with superior reports and graphics. This results in increased client satisfaction, and allows for increased leverage of professional time leading to increased revenues and profits.

My problem solving capabilities and computer systems expertise, including financial systems, data extraction, recovery and conversion, in combination with your legal, financial and investigative expertise can reduce the toughest data management and analysis problems to easily understandable solutions with automatically generated, clear and concise reports and graphics.

I call my approach Case Data Management. At its heart is the Forensic Data Engine - a customized relational database application that encapsulates all relevant case information. Source data can come from anywhere: financial transactions, account information, supporting documentation (text and images), telephone logs, personal information, medical records, security prices, environmental data etc. Combining these into a single database permits the running of simple and complex analytical queries. Query results can then be used to formulate more queries (for analytical/investigative purposes) or can be displayed directly as printed reports and graphics along with supporting documentation. Dynamic Query Visualisation, an extremely powerful courtroom and client presentation technique, allows you to quickly and automatically display database query results in the form of easy to understand charts and graphics. 

I am a systems professional with extensive experience in the development of financial and information management systems. I have been developing systems over the past four decades and have earned a solid reputation as an effective and efficient problem solver and systems designer.

My financial, economic, scientific, engineering, document management and relational database systems development expertise is brought to bear on every forensic, investigative and litigation support problem. In addition, my management systems experience enables me to provide professional timekeeping and billing applications, case management systems and conflict/marketing/research management systems.

Please contact me to learn more about how Forensys The Forensic Systems Group can cut your costs and increase your revenues.